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It's My Birthday and I'm Finally 18!

The day is finally here, I'm actually 18 and let's be honest I don't feel any different. I've always been one of the young ones, everyone was on holiday for my parties. The only good thing about a summer birthday, is when you're 18 - everyone else is too and you can all go out and get drunk. (Not that I'm actually too into drinking, though I am partial to the occasional mango vodka and lemonade.) And yes, I did spend ages arranging little stars to make a good blog photo!

18th Birthday

I haven't got big plans for my birthday, I'm off for a facial with my mum in the morning, followed by a spot of shopping - and of course a Chinese because, well why not! Then tomorrow (Friday,) my dad and stepmum have a surprise planned for me. Depending what that surprise is, you might see a blog post all about it but I can't be sure yet.

On the subject of turning 18 I had a little Google of things I can now legally do, other than the usual legal drinking and getting a tattoo. Excitingly, I can now stand for election and do jury service, as well as buy fireworks. I'll be honest, everyone makes out that turning 18 is such a big milestone, and I suppose in a way it is - I'm a fully fledged adult - but other than that I'm not too sure what's changed. Let me know of things that make being eighteen great, I'd love to know other people's opinions!

Beth x

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