The MAC Lipstick I Repurchased

Tuesday, 1 August 2017
It's very rare as a beauty blogger that you will find me repurchasing anything, let alone a lipstick. This is usually because of two reasons: one being that I have so many others and two because I rarely fall in love with a product enough to want another. But obviously there are exceptions, and this MAC lipstick is certainly one of those.


Before I even dabbled in high end makeup, thanks to YouTube I was well aware of MAC and their legendary lipsticks. Back then, £15.50 for a lipstick was a hell of a lot of money, and let's be honest, it's still a lot of money now, especially as they keep increasing the price! Anyway, before I bought my first MAC lipstick I did a lot of research into which shade I was going to get. So much so that I whittled it down to Pure Zen and Hue. While I'm still lusting after Pure Zen, Hue won out. And now I'm onto my second, so that's high praise from a beauty blogger.

Now why did Hue win is a good question. Firstly, I was (and still am) a huge Taylor Swift fan and at the time it was rumoured she had worn it on a couple of occasions. So yes I'll admit part of me chose Hue as I was a fangirl. Secondly, from all the swatches I saw online it looked like the perfect peachy nude and I was right. Pure Zen also looked beautiful, however, it was just a tad peachier and seemed like it would be slightly less nude for my pale skin tone. Strangely, I still haven't picked Pure Zen up and writing this post has reminded me I need to. 

I'll be honest; it took me a long time to use up my first Hue, and I probably kept it longer than I should've, but we're all guilty of that. When MAC finally arrived on LookFantastic, I took the plunge and bought another because I was halfway through exams and I deserved a treat. When it arrived I remembered why I love makeup, it's the whole experience. The anticipation, the arrival and the usage, all of which sounds crazy no doubt, but this process is part of the reason that I think it is sometimes nice to treat yourself to something from high end brands. I'm not saying that drugstore products aren't quality, because there are some real gems. What I am saying, is that a little bit of luxury, and nice packaging has never hurt anyone.

I've got to admit this post turned into a rather strange trip down memory lane in the end. Rather than a review of the lipstick which was how I initially expected it to go. I hope you don't mind the slight tangent.

Beth x

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