Non MakeUp Related Post: Shoes

 So on thursday my lovely daddy, took me out for a shopping trip. Now we do this about once a year, for no particular reason, so we can spend time with each other!


Now I am usually a really hard person to buy for, unless it’s makeup related, then I am really easy to buy for. I am very picky and stick to the same stlye meaning shopping with me is very hard. However we walked in to Deichmann looking for a new school bag for me and ended up with a pair of shoes. To be honest I was surprised he bought them for me, he decided to name them ‘crazy shoes.’

The shoes are the almost trainer look, with a hidden heel ish. I say ish as any girl can probably know due to the style of shoe. However at my tiny height of 5’3 (I am still hopefully growing) they add around 2 inches to my height making me around 5’5!! So a towering giant! (Joking.) So yeah they are amazing and all I can say is thank you Daddy!!

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