6 Brush Set For £5??

I love a bargain as much as the next person so when I was browsing my local Poundland you can imagine my joy when I found five/six brushes for £1 each. Each of the brushes are in the same sort of ‘series’ if you like, with black handles and very soft bristles.

The brushes are really good quality, sadly the packaging does not say whether the bristles are synthetic or not, however they are really soft, and easy to work with!

The blush was the first one I saw, so naturally the first one I was able to pick up. I have been looking for an angled blush brush for a while but all the ones I have seen, up until now, have been really expensive and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to pay so much for one brush. I think this is probably my favourite out of all 5 because it is the perfect size to dust the apples of your cheeks with the right amount of product, and also just what I was after!

The powder brush was the second brush I decided to go for, after my experience with the first. I love my RealTechniques brushes however, they don’t come cheap at all! Around £9.99 a brush, making their sets quite good value. I use my buffing brush for powder sometimes, but I wanted another so I could use my buffing brush for foundation. I think it is the perfect size and picks enough product to evenly distribute over the whole face.

For a pound another foundation brush couldn’t hurt. Especially as I’m not sure about the size of the RealTechniques one! The RealTechniques one is like half the size of this one, which I don’t think is big enough to get enough coverage. This brush on the other hand is perfect size to pick up enough product and give enough coverage.

To be honest this will be my first Kabuki brush as I have never needed one before so I don’t have a ‘list’ of what I like in a brush. I have seen people like Shaaanxo use these for bronzer so I might try that. If anyone has any insight on how they use a Kabuki brush I would be very grateful!

The last brush or brushes are eye brushes. One side an angled brush the other a rounded  one. I can see the rounded end being useful for under-eye concealer maybe whilst the angled brush end maybe for filling in brows. I do think though, that this brush is good quality for such a small price!

If you are in Poundland and do come across these, do buy them! You can’t go wrong with 5/6 brushes for £5 can you! Plus they do not have p&p like ELF!

MissCosmeticBlogger xoxo

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    January 7, 2014 / 6:27 pm

    they look nice, love pink touch :)http://sbr-fashion-fashion.blogspot.com/

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