Mother’s Day Flowers and Chocolates Gift Ideas!

I’m very pleased with myself; this year I have managed to already buy my Mother’s Day gift. (Unlike last year when I might have left it to the very last minute…) I thought that maybe there would be some people who have run out of ideas or aren’t sure what to get! I decided to go with Flowers and Chocolates; my gifts of choice.
First off is a beautiful basket of flowers from Interflora. It is such a pretty arrangement. It’s not too big and will sit nicely in the middle of a table. It is perfect if you don’t live close to your mum as Interflora have florists all over the country who can all make the same arrangement. (I know all about this because my aunt is a florist!)

Mother’s Day Basket – Interflora –  £29.99

This counts as food, right!? I mean it’s a Vanilla Cupcake smelling candle, I’ve decided, it’s allowed! I love candles they can make a room change mood. And I also could watch them for hours. (Is that weird? Never mind…)

Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle – Boots  – £19.99

Another Interflora creation is this large hand tie with a box of chocolates! So it’s flowers and chocolates in one! It is beautiful to say the least, as are all flower arrangements!

Pretty Pink Handtied with Chocolates – Interflora – £39.95

My favourite part next…Choccies! Hotel Chocolat brought out a whole new line for Mother’s Day so I had to choose some things didn’t I!

This Love and Hugs box has 19 chocolates including truffles, pralines and caramels, in the most gorgeous box there is…ever! 

Love and Hugs – Hotel Chocolat – £26.00

This is really cute. It is a small pocket sized box of chocolates, with some fruity and some praline. It’s perfect for a mum without a massive sweet tooth. Or even as a second present!

For My Mum Pocket Selection – Hotel Chocolat – £9.00

Tuh-dah!!! There is my Flowers and Chocolates Gift Idea post for Mother’s day, I hoped you like it.

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