Which Mascara Is For You

My friends ask me quite a lot which products they should buy, and much as I would like to tell them exactly which ones would be good for them, I obviously can’t. I’d love to be able to say which products you will absolutely love and which you’ll hate, but alas I cannot. The best I can do is recommend and aid your product discoveries; which I hope I do already! When I was thinking about this I decided there was a blog post to be written on this. Where I don’t recommend just one product, but I recommend a number of products that different people might want. For example this post is on mascara. I realise that not everyone wants a volumising mascara; some may want a lengthening mascara. So in this post I aim to cover all eventualities!

This is SEVENTEEN’s doll’d UP* mascara in black. About a year ago there was a massive amount of buzz around this and it’s ’24 hour curl’ properties. I pretty much always curl my eyelashes before applying mascara  because I have really strange lashes that will otherwise curl strange directions! I love this mascara as I find it lengthens my lashes nicely without over emphasising them. It also slightly separates them which defines them to my liking. If you are looking for a lenghtening mascara this is a very good choice!

This mascara became a firm favourite of mine when I first got it. Mainly because of its retro properties. Rimmel claimed that their Scandal Eyes Retro Glam, £6.99, would give you retro style effect. Winging out the lashes to create this retro look. I love the look it gives slightly volumising, slightly lengthening.The wand is different to most I have seen, it is almost an hourglass shape, which gets most of the lashes at once. As well as helping you get the shorter once near your inner corner. This would be perfect if you’re looking for volume but not too much.

I only first really found Soap & Glory cosmetics at Christmas last year when I received their Girl-o-Whirl gift set. It came with their Thick & Fast mascara, £10, in black. This has a brush that sort of tapers in, it’s nothing special. However, the best part is what it does to your lashes. It adds a nice amount of volume near the base of lashes as well as lengthening them slightly.

This particular mascara was one of the most hyped up products I think I have ever seen. It was everywhere; every magazine, every blog, you couldn’t get away from it. And obviously I gave in to the hype and you can see my first impressions of it here. This mascara is of course Maybelline’s Rocket Volum’ Express, £7.99, mine is in the waterproof version as I was going through a waterproof mascara phase. The wand on this is brilliant it has so many little bristles that cover all your lashes in product leaving no clumps what so ever. If you want definition and volume for your  lashes this is a good choice.

My final mascara to show you is SEVENTEEN’s Blow Out* mascara in blackest black. This is good for volume that’s not too dramatic. (I’ve just realised that the majority of this posts mascaras are volumising… whoops! Never mind!) The wand is slightly slanted at the end making it easier to apply, and the acorn shape of the brush gives excellent volume from the roots to the ends, without leaving clumps.

I hope you have enjoyed this post; I did so much that I have already started writing another this time: Which red lip is for you! So watch this space for that. I’d love to know your favourite mascaras as I am always on the look out for new ones!

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