SEVENTEEN Phowarr Paint

As a lover of boi-ing by Benefit I really needed to find something similar. £17.50 per 3g isn’t a budget price, however, I am willing to pay when I cannot find a suitable alternative. But luckily I may have hit the jackpot in SEVENTEEN’s Phowarr Paint, a relatively new release from SEVENTEEN; it’s cheaper and just as good!

My beloved boi-ing concealer comes in five shades ranging for quite light to dark, meaning there is quite a wide range of colours. Whereas with Phowarr Paint there is only two shades. (I initially thought there were three however the Boots website only lists two so I’m going to stick with that.) For £5.49 you receive 12g of product, four times the amount of the Benefit alternative. This is great value and just what every makeup bag needs.

 I love the packaging; nothing fancy but does the job brilliantly. It’s simple but sturdy and has a great quality mirror, just big enough to see your eye in. The actual product has a really nice formula; it’s quite creamy but not so much that it feels like you’re wiping off product when trying to blend it. The colour matches me quite well which is good as the shade range is very limited and often the light shades of drugstore concealers are not ‘light’ as such.

I thought I should probably test out it’s ‘heavy duty’ claims. It does specify that it is for under eye circles but I think you can use it for other areas too. How I decided to test it was using a little red spotty thing on my hand; if it was less noticeable, (which it was,) I could use this as a high coverage concealer!

It is not completely vanished, however it has definitely been covered, making it less noticeable. The redish tone has gone and is replaced by a more natural blending in colour. For a drugstore concealer though it has good coverage.

Now that I have fallen in love with this I will not have to repurchase boi-ing! (I can hear my bank balances relieved sigh from here.) I’m sure there are many other drugstore concealers I still need to try,  such as Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer, but I will get round to that soon!

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