Avon ColorTrend Kiss n Go Lipstick

I’m  a sucker for a pretty product; whether I’ll use it or not, if it’s pretty it has to be mine! This was my thinking with this beauty. Wasn’t particularly sure what the colour would be like, (bonus if I love it,) wasn’t sure on the quality either. It was risk but it is so god damn pretty I couldn’t resist.

Avon brought out this really cute Valentine’s type Limited Edition range a couple of months ago; it consisted of three lipsticks a mascara and maybe an eyeliner if I remember rightly. I went for just the one lipstick in Smoochable, which is so cheesy it’s almost unreal; it’s a dark pinky colour. The stick itself if the most beautiful thing I think I have ever seen in my life. Instead of just a normal stick it is embossed with a really pretty design of lots of hearts, so girly and pretty.

The packaging isn’t anything special. It’s the same as Avon’s other ColorTrend Lipsticks but in a dark pink with a light pink heart design printed on. It’s practical and you can’t really argue about it though for only £3.75.

The application takes a couple of coats to achieve the stick colour and it applies nicely. If you do have dry lips though I would suggest using a sugar scrub beforehand, just so the product doesn’t stick to the dry patches. In terms of colour it is quite a dark slightly orangey pink depending on the lighting but out of direct light it is a darkish pink which is beautiful. I have had disappointing products from Avon in the past, such as an eyeshadow quad but this has restored my faith in the brand!

Have you tried any products Avon products you’ve loved or hated? Or have you tried any you think I’ll like, please tell me!

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