Clinique Superbalm Moisture Gloss Set

I wrote a review on this ages ago but ended up deleting the post when I was sorting out my posts not long ago. I had decided that the post wasn’t good enough for my blog as it was done such a long time ago before I properly got into blogging! So I have decided to do another!

Last year my dad and step mum went on holiday to Tenerife, (at least I think it was Tenerife…) While in duty free my step mum kindly got me this really cute Clinique Superbalm Moisture Gloss Set, it is a set of five Superbalm Moisture Glosses!

If you are one of those people who hate overly sticky lipglosses I’m afraid these are not for you. These are some of the stickiest glosses around, but it does mean they last longer in my experience. If you can get past the intense stickiness these are really nice glosses. As they are Clinique they also have no taste or smell which is good if you aren’t a fan of heavy smelling glosses, however, I love a nice smelling gloss.

The colour range is very versatile ranging from a light peachy pink to an almost brown colour. 01 Apricot is the light peachy pink, it is quite sheer but does add a slight amount of colour to the lips. This is one of my favourites from the set as it is quite a natural colour. 02 Raspberry this is a brighter less peachy pink, again this is quite sheer but adds a nice shine. The name for this completely describes the colour in my opinion as raspberry is how I would describe the tube. 04 Rootbeer is a burnt reddy orange colour which is a nice change from the pinks. As you may have guessed none of these glosses are particularly pigmented but they all add a hint of colour to the lips. The penultimate gloss is 07 Lilac this is not lilac in my opinion at all. I would class it as a midtone pink with a hint of purple glitter. I do quite like it because of the glitter though. The final gloss is 07 currant, an incredibly sheer reddy purple. To be honest this is the disappointing one of the five. From the tube it looks like a really pigmented berry red, but no its so sheer. It will still add a hint of colour but not too much.

L – R
Apricot, Raspberry, Rootbeer, Lilac and Currant.
(It took a lot of reapplication to get the colours this bright.)

These are the perfect size for travelling with, they slip easily into any bag, even if there is hardly any room, and they carry a nice amount of product in each. The applicator is nothing special; it gets the job done quickly and easily, the set costs £26 from duty free which isn’t bad considering you get five different glosses!

Hope you liked the post, I’d love to know what bargains you’ve picked up from duty free before!

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