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I’m not the first and seriously doubt I will be the last to say that Glossybox has lost it’s muchness. Unlike when I first subscribed a couple of years ago, I no longer get excited when it gets delivered which is why unsubscribed after three months. However, this months box looked too good pass. A box dedicated to Superdrug’s 50th birthday, filled with lots of consumer favourites, perfect. I saw lots of blog posts showing what they received and was really excited as there are loads of products that I wanted to try. So I took the plunge and ordered the box for £13.25 inc p&p.

It was a bad start when I wasn’t there to collect the box, wasn’t it really. However, after trekking to the post office on the way to Liverpool, I must admit the box is cute. I am one of those people who can be swayed to buy something on packaging alone, which is probably quite bad but never mind.

Inside the box is their usual ‘menu’ type card which tells you what is in your box as well as how to use it. There is also a special edition of Superdrug’s Dare/Glossybox’s magazine which is really nice. The whole box is set to the same colour scheme as Superdrug, so pink, white, yellow etc. 

The magazine is actually brilliant in my eyes, (sad I know…) I love the history of brands so this feature on Superdrug is amazing to me. Also the tutorial on retro 60’s makeup and the interview with Rita Ora. This is basically eveyrthing I want in a magazine in one place!

Onto the box… For this special collab box I recieved 4 full sized products, one deluxe sample and two samples, which is two more products than usual boxes, so that was a bonus! Onto the products…

I was slightly…okay very disappointed with this. It is by I Love Cosmetics and is their Strawberries & Milkshake Shimmer & Shine Lipgloss. It is a full size item worth £1.29, and isn’t something I was excited to find in the box. It is your average, bog standard, almost translucent pale pink glittery lipgloss that smells nice. I must have loads of these in my draw, lots better quality than this. The packaging isn’t anything special either, plastic tube, black cap and the same applicator as every other gloss like this.

I love Rimmel’s Scandal Eyes Retro Glam mascara, but I currently only have it in the first colour/formula. This is the second full size product and is worth £6.99, which in my opinion it is well worth. The brush is hourglass shaped which gives the ‘retro’ winged out lash effect and adds definition. The packaging is sleek and practical and I can’t live without it.

My favourite thing from the box has to be this B.Quick One Coat Professional Finish Nail Polish in Persica, worth £4.99. This polish is such an on trend colour right now, pretty much every shop is selling clothes this colour! The formula is brilliant and you only need one coat to get an opaque colour, but if you prefer a darker colour two coats makes just as nice colour.

The final full size product was this Superdrug Own Hair Doughnut worth £3.99. I am not a hair person the most you’ll see me do is straighten it or tie it up, so this is useless! I cannot think of a single time I will use this so it’s going to the back of my drawer.

The deluxe sample is by a brand I have not heard of before: Blowpro. It’s their Blow Up daily volumising conditioner, worth about £2.15; something I have never come across before. This smells absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait to use it as it is free from parabens, sulfates and sodium chloride!

The next two products are almost the bonus ones. This is Garnier’s new Oil Beauty Lotion, worth about £1, which I am intrigued to try. The idea of an oil lotion doesn’t really tempt me to try it because of the oily feeling I expect it to leave on my skin but I have not tried so I cannot judge quite yet!

Finally I recieved a perfume sample, which I would usually be less than impressed with. However, Ghost Fragrances Eclipse, worth around £1.30, has managed to. This smells amazing and I have fallen in love with the scent. Not only is is fruity but it is floral hints as well. Bliss!

To be perfectly fair to the box I do like 4/7 products, which is over half, and the products cost more than the box itself at £21.71 . However, after seeing the content of other peoples boxes I do feel slightly hard done by. Others have received Max Factor primers worth £10.99 which basically cover the cost of the box, plus other products I wish to try, but I guess it’s just luck of the draw. Would I order another Glossybox based on this months contents? Yes I probably would. Would I read other what other people received before ordering? I doubt it, as like this time I could receive products that are below my expectations for the box. I almost forgot to say! All products can be purchased from the Superdrug website!

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