BarryM Lip Lacquer Crayon

Chubby Sticks, gloss sticks and matte balms have been all the rage for a while now and to be fair I have picked up a fair few of them over the past few months! One that I have had for a while now is BarryM’s Lip Lacquer Crayon in No.2**, I had forgotten about it until the other day when I was sorting through my makeup.

To be fair when I knew I had it I didn’t really use it that much, it just wasn’t my colour at the time, but now Summer is arriving and I am giving bright, bold lips a go it could get more use. For starters I love the packaging, it’s an over sized crayon, but not as thick as a chubby stick. It is also not retractable like a chubby stick so you have to sharpen it, however, this would not deter me from purchasing another by any stretch.

 The product itself looks like it will be incredibly glittery on the lips, however when applied it’s not nearly as scary as the crayons packaging makes it seem; it is not a red like I expected it to be, it’s more of a dark hot pink,(is that even a thing?) I find with this product that you can smudge it easily which means if, like me, you prefer less of a bold look you can achieve a lighter pink lip with a quick swipe of a finger over the lips!

 The formula isn’t the most moisturising, it’s not the same as, lets say a chubby stick, this is designed for colour more than treatment. I wouldn’t say that the formula is drying on my lips, however I can imagine it could be on people who have incredibly dry lips.

I would love to pickup another one of these, maybe in a lighter everyday colour? Sorry for the short post, I am trying to write more detailed posts, so fingers crossed I manage it!

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