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I’m not going to lie, I love eyeliner, and this love has grown over the past 6 months or so, where I have been perfecting the cat eye flick. I have tried using gel liners, but I find that so time consuming and hard to perfect, I have tried pencil liners, but I just don’t find they give the accuracy I need, and then I found… Felt Tip Liners, aka my holy grail type of liner!

Since I found my love for felt tip liners I have been trying to find the perfect one to repurchase over and over. I currently have three on the go and thought a post like this, comparing the three, would be a great idea, as I love reading these types of posts! So here goes…

SEVENTEEN Make Your Mark Liner

The Good – SEVENTEEN Make Your Mark Soft Eyeliner Pen*

I received this from SEVENTEEN after I trialled their On The Spot Foundation but didn’t really start using it until the start of this year, (which was when I started loving liner.) The packaging is not by any means fancy, it looks like a black pen, which to an extent it is. It hardly weighs anything and is perfect for travelling with and the whole thing is fairly robust. The product itself is quite good; a dark black liquid liner in felt tip form, just what I needed. The applicator starts quite thick and then tapers into a point, I wouldn’t say that it is particularly firm as it sometimes isn’t as accurate as I would like it to be. To achieve a really thin line I use the tip of the pen, however, this usually means that the line is not jet black like I prefer my liner to be. If however, if I don’t use the very tip of the liner I can achieve a very dark line which is exactly what I’m after, even if it is a slightly thicker line than I originally wanted! It’s staying power can vary; with a primer it stays a dark black for around four hours or so, whereas without I find it can smudge very quickly. So I would always suggest using a primer before using this liner. (Another reason why I like this is because it stayed put all the way through The Fault In Our Stars… And I won’t lie… I cried so so much!)

Overall for the price it is, the drawbacks would not put me off repurchasing another.

SEVENTEEN Make Your Mark Liner Swatch

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Micro Liner

The Bad – Rimmel Scandal Eyes Precision Micro Eyeliner

Although I have classed this liner as ‘the bad’ one of the three I don’t dislike everything about it, I have just found various faults and claims which are untrue when I use it. Like the SEVENTEEN liner the packaging isn’t anything special; larger than the other, but other than that there’s not much difference. The product itself used to be amazing, until I found the other two. The nib on this is so small and thin apparently giving you ‘ultimate control’ with ‘no unsightly wobbles’ on application, but this is where it falls down. It may be thin but I find the tip way too flexible, it’s not firm enough to get a dark, precise line in my opinion. Also Rimmel’s claim that it resists ‘water, heat, sweat, flaking and smudging for 24 hours’ isn’t true on my eyes. I don’t have particularly oily eyelids yet it still seems to smudge very easily and only really lasts an hour tops as the dark black liner I apply in the morning, after that it fades to a light grey.

This is more expensive than the SEVENTEEN alternative and in my opinion totally not worth the extra money! The only redeeming feature is the thin nib for those who struggle with liner.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Micro Liner Swatch

The Lovely – Eyeko Skinny Liquid LinerEyeko Skinny Black Eyeliner

 You can’t beat a freebie can you? And Glamour got their freebie this issue spot on with an Eyeko liner! Now I know I shouldn’t really have fallen in love with this so quickly, but alas I have and I think this liner is amazing. Out of the three, lets be honest, the packaging blows the other two right out of the water. It is so sleek and sophisticated, the metallic effect just adds that little extra wow factor to the product! It is again a pen type shape and weighs about the same too. The nib on this is very similar to the SEVENTEEN version except it is maybe a tad longer. This is honestly everything I wanted in a liner; dark black liner from which ever bit of the nib you use, stays throughout the day, and doesn’t smudge too easily! The colour of this is an intense black and it sets once applied almost instantly. With a primer this can last over eight hours, granted it fades slightly but it’s not half bad!

If you are willing to spend more on a good quality eyeliner this is the way to go, it stays put, sets quick and stays dark! I am definitely going to repurchase this, no doubt about it and I really recommend you do if you’re looking for an easy to use eyeliner!

Eyeko Skinny Black Eyeliner Swatch

Best Eyeliners Swatched


Eyeko Liner, Rimmel Micro Liner and SEVENTEEN Liner

 Here are the three liners next to each other; as you can see the Eyeko liner is the darkest, followed by the Rimmel liner and then the SEVENTEEN liner! The Rimmel liner took a few goes to get as dark as I did.

I hope you liked this post as much as I liked writing it! I am thinking of doing more like this maybe a foundation one next? Also I am sorry for not posting for a few weeks I have been incredibly busy and wanted to write longer posts rather than short ones!

 (I’m not sure if anyone else has used ‘The Good, The Bad and The Lovely’ as a blog post title, if they have please tell me and I will add credit. I simply thought it would be a good post name idea!)

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