Back To School Bag Essentials

So on Wednesday I posted my Back To School Fresh Faced Makeup post, which I hope you liked, so today I thought I would do an updated bag essentials to see how much my bag content has changed.

So because the photo above is a massive jumble of things I decided that I would split the stuff into two categories: Makeup and Other, (imaginative I know…)

So to start with the makeup we have a lipgloss, Maybelline Color Sensational Cream Gloss in 130 Exquisite Pink. The is great just to add shine to your lips throughout the day without out the need to properly focus and use a mirror. I cannot live without a lip balm, my favourite at the moment being a Maybelline offering, you guessed it, a Baby Lips in Intensive Care. This smells amazing, like a cherry bakewell, hydrates my lips and keeps them nice. A concealer is really useful to top up your makeup during the day in case you are going out straight after school, this one is the blogger favourite Lasting Perfection Concealer, it has really good coverage and I love its texture. Mascara is the one makeup product I always have to have, it instantly makes me seem more awake. Benefit mascaras are amazing, they are made even more amazing by the sample sizes that they do such as this BadGal mini. Clear nail polish is a lifesaver if you wear tights, any one will do, just as long as you have some! The final item in my essentials is a face powder, it’s just useful to have for top ups in case I have become shiny, this is the NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Powder, which is relatively cheap, but also effective.

My ‘other’ category contains a few items which are probably essential to me more that maybe anyone else. First off is hand sanitiser, we’ve all been there right? No soap in the loos, it’s not nice, so I carry a mango hand sanitiser by The Body Shop. Obviously after PE a body spray is needed, Impulse body sprays smell amazing. Another fragrance thing I love is my roller ball of Nicki Minaj Pink Friday, it is my favourite perfume, and if I’m in need of a top up I have it handy. I always like to have a hand cream handy, (pardon the awful pun that probably wasn’t that much of a pun,) it’s just nice to have for when my hands are feeling dry. The one shown is Soap & Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter and I love the smell. Finally I have a mini packet of Polo’s because who knows when you’ll need a mint!

So wish me luck, as of today I have 148 days left of school… I am going to try to keep posting but no doubt I’ll have a lot of revision!

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  1. VelvetBlush
    September 7, 2014 / 5:45 pm

    Haha I'm the same, hand gel is a must! A roller ball fragrance looks really handy to have in your purse, I haven't come across any yet! I haven't heard of that nail polish and tights thing yet, I'm going to have to check it out 🙂 xxVelvet Blush

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