Yankee Candle Mini Haul

Mango Peach Salsa and Sugared Apple Votives

I was so excited to see that last time I went to town, a new candle shop had opened. (Needless to say I doubt my bank balance will be quite as excited..) Obviously after spotting it I ended up dragging my friend in, to be fair she didn’t take much persuading, and we ended up spending a good twenty minutes smelling the Yankee Candles that were on offer.

After telling myself I didn’t need a large jar I settled on two votive candles: Mango Peach Salsa and Sugared Apple. Mango Peach Salsa I have tried before, after winning a small jar a giveaway, and it smelt amazing. You would probably class it as a Summer scent, but you can let me dream that it’s still Summer! Right guys? However, Sugared Apple is a completely new scent to me and part of the Yankee Candle *whispers* Christmas collection… It didn’t take me long to drop the C-bomb did it! Does this mean I can start my wish list!? I think it does! My favourite scent at the moment is probably fresh apple or that kind of thing so this is right up my street; it takes apple from a Spring type scent straight into Autumn Winter, just by adding a caramel/sugary smell to it.

As you can imagine I will be back in the shop as soon as possible to pick up some more candles for myself, but also some to give as gifts. I would love to know your favourite candle scent for Autumn and Winter, or your recommendations to which votive I should get next.

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