BigBlogmasProject | Day 24 Christmas Traditions


One day to go…Yes you heard right there’s only one day to go people, and today I am sharing with you a few Christmas traditions we have in my family! So as you may, (or may not,) know my parents are divorced so I have more than one Christmas, but somehow we don’t have too many traditions, though we have a couple starting this year. 

From next year we all have to learn a song to play on the piano so we can sit around on Christmas Eve and sing. Also we’re going to each make a different pudding to share with the family so it will not only lighten the amount of cooking that my step mum needs to do, but also provide more desserts!  Finally me and my best friend Hollie now have a tradition; last year I gave her, her presents in a Christmas box so we have now decided each year to give the other the box back with their gifts in it!

So there are my traditions what are yours?

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