A Modern Twist on Eyeliner

A Modern Twist on Eyeliner

Eyeliner; we each have our on way to wear it, whether you go for a cat eye, classic, or pin up style, it is definitely a staple in many peoples makeup application. I for one like to mix up which liner style I go for and have recently been trying something new to make my eyes stand out from the crowd.

The use of black eyeliner is sophisticated and elegant but I thought I would start adding an element of fun. How do you add fun to eyeliner you ask? You add colour! After lining my lid I either add another line in a bright colour above the line. Or if I want something less conspicuous I line my bottom lash line. This idea is perfect for when I don’t feel like going all out on my eye makeup.

Colourful Drugstore Eyeliners

I don’t have many highend eye liners, in fact I don’t think I have any, so the ones I am showing you in this post are all incredibly affordable. First I have the Avon Mega Impact Gel Liner in Colbalt, which is a dark blue, the formula of this liner is very soft and easy to work with. However, a steady hand is needed when precision is wanted, The Collection Intense Colour Khol Pencil in French Kiss. This has a firmer texture than the Avon one, however because of the bright colour I prefer to use this on my lower lash line than above my normal liner. The next liner is the BarryM Bold Gold Waterproof Liner. This I will happily use above and below my eyes as it is such an amazing intense gold. Finally I have, possibly my favourite eyeliner ever, Avon Supershock Gel Liner in Flash. It was discontinued and I didn’t stock up so if anyone knows of similar colour liners please tell me. I will love you forever! This has an almost identical formula to the other Avon liner and is a stunning almost rose gold. This is beautiful in my inner corner, and also below my lower lashline, it opens up the eye so well.

Colourful Drugstore Eyeliners

MUA Eyeliners

These final three eyeliners are all by MUA, these are very innovative eyeliners, as you can probably see their lid has a sharpener. As someone who is very forgetful, I never know where my sharpener is having them on their lids is so useful. The colours I have are Snow White, Royal Blue and Turquiose. Snow White adds a great contrast between the black liner, it is also good to use on the waterline to brighten the eye and make it seem more awake. Royal Blue is one of my favourites for below the lash line, it creates fun addition to the norm. Last but not least is Turquoise, I’d say more of a light blue, I like this above the black liner because they look absolutely gorgeous together.

MUA Eyeliner Swatches

You could help make your eye colour stand out if you wanted. For example if I ran a purple eyeliner below my lash line it would make my green eyes pop!

I for one, like updating my eyeliner, I think it’s just in time for Summer! So have you ever done this? Do you think it’s gimmicky?


    • Beth D
      July 29, 2015 / 11:37 pm

      I love the colours of all these so much – especially Flash xx

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