Cowshed Gorgeous Cow Collection

Cowshed Gorgeous Cow

Cowshed are not a brand I am familiar with, so I decided to do a little bit of research into its roots. Cowshed are a British brand created with Babington Spa. The unusual name is as the first spa opened in, you guessed it, a cow shed! Now if you read a post I did a while ago you saw that my auntie kindly sent me the Heather & Ivory Secret Paradise Bathing Flowers, when she sent me those, she also sent me this set from Cowshed. (I can’t thank her enough it was such a nice surprise!)

 The set she sent me was the Cowshed Gorgeous Cow Blissful Collection, I’m sensing a possible backhanded compliment there ‘gorgeous cow?’ What’s she trying to say… This set retails for £19.50 on ASOS, and I can see why. While it has the three minis it also has a beautifully patterned wash bag/ makeup bag, the material seems waterproof which is also a really useful feature for people like me who accidentally drop things in their sink…

Gorgeous Cow Collection

The three minis are the Blissful Body Lotion, Blissful Shower Scrub and also the Blissful Bath & Shower Gel. They definitely have a smell which some won’t favour, it’s almost spicy, according to the description the product is ‘infused with essential oils ylang ylang, rose, lavender, cinnamon and palmarose.’ You can smell the cinnamon for sure, that’s what gives it the spicy edge. I’m more a lover of fruity, sweet smelling scents, though I’ll happily give this a go!

 Overall, I think this is an amazing gift set for those who love pampering themselves. This trio is everything you need for a relaxing night in, and the bag can be reused, bonus. I would definitely consider getting this for my stepmum as I imagine she would love it!


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