Empties & Reviews

Empties & Reviews

I’ve been collecting these empties for a few months now and as I look at them it really doesn’t seem much. Then I thought about it and realise that what these empties are missing are the numerous bottles of shampoo and conditioner I go through. Sadly though those bottles have been lost to the bin as they’re huge and take up too much room in our bathroom. I shall try and save them for the next empties I write.

Alberto Balsam Intensive Conditioning Treatment

I think this is something that has appeared in a empties post before; Once a week I use an intensive mask on my hair so it stays in good condition, shiny looking but not greasy and ever so soft. Now this particular mask, the Alberto Balsam Intensive Conditioning Treatment, is budget friendly at the tiny price of £1. I’ll be honest I only get two or so uses out of a tube as I have a lot of hair to cover but it does leave my hair beautiful. If you’re going away for a few nights this would be perfect as you could use it all up in that time and have gorgeous hair whilst you do so!

Benefit They're Real Mascara

My first Benefit mascara is finally all used up. Benefit They’re Real is my favourite mascara of all time, yes I do adore Roller Lash but this narrowly beats it. I must admit that when you first try and use They’re Real the formula is a little too runny and doesn’t give the best definition to the lashes but once it has dried out a little this mascara is amazing! I think it is the wand that gives this such good results. The mid length plastic bristles get right into the lashes separating, volumising and lengthening as you go. Another really useful aspect of They’re Real is its longevity, this is so difficult to remove after a long day, but that way you know it stays put, (if that still doesn’t sell its longevity then the fact it stayed put through my cinema viewing of The Fault In Our Stars when I cried buckets and buckets should help!) If you’d like to see a side by side Roller Lash and They’re Real I have that post here.

Botanics All Bright Face Scrub

I am all for a good face scrub and this is definitely one of them. I already had a backup for when I used up the first one.  The Botanics All Bright scrub has become one of my all time favourites, if you have dry skin like mine you’ll know the importance of a good face scrub. I have tried the St. Ives Invigorating Face Scrub but it is so harsh on my skin and it hurts! I started using it to exfoliate my legs and it’s even too harsh to do that. The Botanics scrub on the other hand is so so gentle, you can feel it getting rid of dry skin but it doesn’t feel like you’re sand papering your skin, the scrub is slightly fragranced but nothing too offensive. It also won’t break the bank at £3.99.

Essence Waterproof Eyeliner

I really love eyeliner, especially winged, (when I get it right,) because I use liner so often I have been going through liners like crazy. One of my favourites and constantly repurchased is the Essence Eyeliner Pen which is such a bargain at around £2.30. I think I have been through about 3 of these now and none have disappointed. This is a felt tip liner which applies jet black and stays put the whole time I’m wearing. The tip is also perfectly tapered to get a nice wing for my liner, making it so much easier than normal liquid liner.

Garnier Micellar Water

Micellar water, aka the lazy girls dream when it comes to removing makeup. When the Garnier Micellar Water first launched I bought a couple of bottles and I’ve finished them both. It removes most makeup so easily, some mascaras take a while but that can’t be helped sometimes. My only slight problem is that I would say I feel an oily feel to my skin after using it, but that can be got rid of by moisturising.

Nivea Sensitive 3 In 1 Micellar Cleansing Water

Another micellar water? Yes it is true I’ve been through more than just two of the Garnier ones. I got the Nivea Sensitive 3 in 1 Micellar Water in a Glossybox and didn’t want to waste it. There is less in the Nivea Micellar Water than the Garnier one and it costs the same amount however I would say that I prefer the Nivea one simply because it does not leave the oily feeling on the skin. However, either are good makeup removers.

St Tropez In Shower Tan

If you’ve been reading MissCosmeticBlogger for a while you will know that I was never into fake tanning because I am the palest of the pale. However, when St. Tropez launched their In Shower Gradual Tan I did try it, (full post here,) and I really like it. It didn’t turn me orange it left me with a natural bronzed look. I am planning to buy the full sized version soon so I can continue to look slightly bronzed. So a definite try if you’re pale, whilst it might not make you look like you’ve been on a tropical holiday it will keep you slightly bronzed through winter!

 So here are all my empties, I hope you liked the post I’m sure there will be more very soon. What have you recently used up? Would you repurchase any of your empties?

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