SFX Makeup Kit

SFX Makeup Kit

Here comes Halloween, my favourite makeup time of year. While lots go for cute and girly I go for gross and down right gory! You may have noticed a tab appear at the top of this page with Halloween tutorials for you to look through, more are to be added, (if you have any requests I’ll get to work on them ASAP.) I thought that what might be helpful was a post showing you what I use in most of my gory Halloween tutorials, there will be some pretty ones I promise!

Fake Blood and Liquid Latex

First off, my favourites: fake blood and liquid latex. Liquid latex can be found on Amazon, it’s not the easiest item to find elsewhere but it does make the most amazing looking cuts and ripped skin in the world. This is best used twinned with toilet paper, which I’m guessing most people will have readily available. Obviously it’s Halloween so who doesn’t need some fake blood, you can get fake blood from so many places, supermarkets, pound shops, card shops and of course Amazon too. (If you search up on YouTube people even have tutorials of how to make your own.)

Translucent Powder

If you’re using latex you absolutely need powder, or the latex will stick to itself and won’t look quite as good. Any translucent powder should work I just use a cheap MUA powder and it does the job perfectly.

Halloween Face Paint

These aren’t necessities but, who doesn’t love a spot of face paint. The two tubes are Poundland if I remember rightly, the green may stain slightly so a heads up on that but a strong makeup remover should get it off. The Snazaroo paints are the white and red, and also their cake blood, which is my favourite blood creating product. Sounds a bit weird really. Anyway, Snazaroo is available in Hobbycraft, some supermarkets and also Amazon.

SFX Makeup Must Haves

As for actual makeup I use a few bits and pieces. From MUA I like to use their Poptastic palette for bruises, adding depth to the wounds and also veins. The black mono is perfect for adding depth to wounds and darkening eye shadow. The Hide and Conceal stick helps blend the latex into the skin. From W7 I have the white Get Set Eye Shadow base, this is perfect for a base, an extreme highlight Kim K style and also PopArt dots. From Avon I have a dark concealer for contouring. The lipstick is from Miss Sporty and is black, I use this as a lipstick, for wound depth and even for creating things like cat noses. And finally is the Collection Cover & Go foundation and concealer! The cap hides a concealer and it is really useful for hiding the difference between skin and latex.

False Eyelashes for Halloween

Who doesn’t like a good pair of lashes. They add oomf and drama to the look. The double lashes I got in Poundland and they are amazing for feline looks as they are so dramatic. The Pinky Goat lashes were from my auntie and I think if you’re going for a cracked china doll look these would give the perfect wide eyed doll look.

Halloween Makeup Tools

For something as big as Halloween you’ll need easy to throw away tools, because no one wants to ruin their expensive brushes. The ones I use are a mix from Poundland and Primark as they are so inexpensive. A sponge to apply blood is also good not to mention q-tips to clean up your makeup.

 So there you have it, my SFX toolkit full of a mix of products. What are the things you need in your toolkit

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