Quick & Easy Christmas Presents – Day 10

As mentioned in my Money Saving Tips post, I love outlet shops at Christmas, they allow me to put together the most personalised little gifts really easily. Today I thought I would let you know how I do it!

Quick & Easy Christmas Presents

Now the little gift above cost me a grand total of £6.30. This includes inside three Body Shop travel size products, usually costing around £9.00. You should really try the Body Shop Outlet, it is so useful. The way I managed to get the products was because they always seem to do packs of 4 with considerable discount. For example normally a hand sanitiser is £2.50 each, however I got 4 for only £6. Similarly for the Christmassy hand creams; usually £4.00 each, but in this case they were 4 for £12.00, so a pound saving. You can get the larger size products including body butters and even shower gels, perfect for DIY gifts such as this!

DIY Gifts

If you’re wondering how the packaging cost was so low it was because I used things I had readily available. Tissue paper and ribbons from old Glossyboxes and shredded paper from my YouBeautyDiscovery boxes as well as the box itself. I also had some Bambi wrapping paper lying about and thought it would be rude not to use that too.

The first thing I did was to wrap up the box with the utterly adorable wrapping paper, a Primark find! The YouBeauty box wasn’t the prettiest of boxes and Bambi just makes everything better, Bambi is almost as good as Ariel, not quite though. Then I used the shredded paper from previous YouBeauty boxes to line it so the products wouldn’t roll around, and so they could be presented nicely.

I finished of the gift with a ribbon tied in a bow just to make it look pretty. I’m making around 5 of these cute little gifts, all worth around the £6.00- £9.00 mark as some have three and some have four miniatures. Not all have boxes, as Poundland do really cute gift bags with bears on!

Will you be trying this gift idea or do you prefer to completely DIY your gifts?

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