New Year’s Resolutions

We’re back, it’s 2016, and I’m still gonna think it’s 2015 until June time! I’ve been on a blogging break since Christmas day, but don’t you worry MissCosmeticBlogger is back, posting every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:00am GMT! Today however, is a special extra post all about my new year’s resolutions and goals!

New Year's Resolutions

 2016 is here and that means it’s time for me to highlight a few resolutions/goals for MissCosmeticBlogger. I completed my goal of reaching 400 Bloglovin’ followers from last year so thought I’d set some reachable goals for this year!

  1. Start a YouTube – I’ve been wanting to do this for such a long time but this year I think I will finally start. At the start I think I’ll try not to show my face and just do close up tutorials because I have a fear of people I know finding my channel…
  2. Reach 750 followers on Bloglovin’ – When I set my goal last year for 400 I had about 200 ish followers so yeah I am aiming high but why not!
  3. Reach 350 followers on Instagram – During December I started posting everyday and I really like posting and interacting on Insta so I think I should grow my followers there too!

I only have three resolutions, but I think, (and hope,) they are achievable. If you’d like to help me with any please let me know! What are your resolutions this year?

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