Free WordPress Themes

My last free blog templates post was such a success I just had to do another, and because last time I focused on Blogger, this time I decided it was the turn of WordPress themes. Now, I’m not going to lie, I found it a lot more difficult to find nice free WordPress themes compared to Blogger but I managed so don’t worry WordPress bloggers, I have 3 to show you today. I hope you like them.

Free WordPress Themes

 As far as I’m aware these themes are all ‘basic’ themes, meaning that if you want more features, they are available but for a price.

Free WordPress Themes

 The first is the Powen theme. It’s very photo based, live demo here, so if you’re hot on photography, this is the template for you. It allows you to have drop down menus, easy access for social media channels and a back to top button that’s always visible. If you want to download it, here’s the link!

Next is the Enamoured theme. It’s quite a minimalistic theme, it lets you have drop down menus and you can choose whether to have a sidebar or not. (And the sidebar has a nice contrasting colour.) As I said the premium option has other options available, but you can see the live demo here, and download it here.

Free WordPress Themes

Last but not least is my personal favourite: the Mary Kate theme. It’s similar to Enamoured, but it has a bit more colour. There’s a drop down menu, huge picture focus and also gorgeous fonts. I love it, you can see the live demo here, and if you’re thinking about downloading you can do so here.

 There are three blog worthy WordPress themes, I hope they aid your search for a new blog look. If you’d like to see more free themes, Blogger or WordPress, just let me know and I’ll start searching!



  1. Gemma Magpie
    February 23, 2016 / 2:39 pm

    Great post! I had no idea you could get free wordpress designs xx Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    • MissCosmeticBlogger
      February 23, 2016 / 6:58 pm

      They're hard to track down but they're there!xx

  2. Davis Brown
    February 24, 2016 / 11:51 am

    Create your WordPress theme with theme builder "TemplateToaster"

  3. Chloé Berrigan
    March 22, 2016 / 2:39 pm

    I have no idea how to download the wordpress programme in order to upload the themes though, does it cost money in order to do this? help!! xxx

  4. Chloé Berrigan
    March 22, 2016 / 2:39 pm

    Im a wordpress blogger and I have no idea how to upload these themes to wordpress, I use the website and I have no idea how to download the wordpress system in order to upload the themes! anyone help?! xx

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