Best Suncream Ever?

I hate suncream, probably like most of the population. Luckily in the UK it’s not needed often due to the lack of sunlight we receive. However, every now and then for about a week at a time the UK gets an injection of sunlight, and suncream is needed. We all know just how important protecting our skin is so I’ve been hunting for one that I can live with and I found it in a Glossybox months ago.

SkinPep Hydra Sun Defence Cream

 The Glossybox it was in was months ago but it took me up until a few months ago to even try the sample size because I stuck to face creams that had SPF in them. Then one day I decided to take the plunge and try it. To my surprise I actually really liked it. The cream in question is the SkinPep Hydra-Sun Defence SPF 50. It is a mineral suncream which might be why I finally found a suncream I like.

It says that primarily it is a day cream which I can understand but it is so much better than just a day cream. The first thing you notice when you look at the cream is that it looks like it has bits in. Little grit like bits to be exact, but don’t worry that’s pretty normal as it is a mineral based product. The aim of the cream is to eliminate the horrible white sheen you can get with other suncreams. The white sheen makes me look even paler than normal, even when I’m out in the sun. This instead adapts to your skintone, usually this would be a no no for me because most ‘adapting’ products go orange, but this doesn’t! This actually adapts to my casper ness adding a subtle glow making me look summery.

SkinPep Hydra Sun Defence Cream

I’ll be honest it’s not the cheapest suncream, however if you think of it as a 2in1: suncream and day cream it works out quite well. It’s definitely not an all over suncream simply because of the price, however you do get 40% off your first purchase which definitely makes it cheaper. (I paid £11 for my first order rather than around £17.) SkinPep is a brand that doesn’t get too much recognition but I think it should. They do really nice skincare and peels to make your skin more radiant.

Though the reason I like it most is that it doesn’t feel heavy. Once you’ve applied it and rubbed it in it practically disappears, you cannot feel it on your skin. It sinks into your skin and it’s like you never even applied it. For me it’s basically invisible sun protection and that’s exactly what I need.

I look forward to using it more and more over summer. Have you tried anything from SkinPep, do you think you will?



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