Sticker Obsession…

Now we are straying away from the normal beauty bits on the blog today to tell you about my new obsession: planning, planner stickers and washi tape!

Planner Stickers

The rise of the bullet journal was evident over the last year and some of my favourite bloggers such as Jemma from Dorkface got into it too. I tried to bullet journal a couple of times but it never worked out so then I decided to DIY my own planner. With my final year of college coming up I knew I needed to get organised so I popped down to Paperchase and picked up this gorgeous notepad and set to work.

Etsy Washi Tape

First off I decided I needed some washi tape, but I couldn’t really get any from Paperchase when I got my planner because it is so so expensive. Instead I turned to the wonderful world of Etsy and it is wonderful. The glittery tape and flag tape are both from a shop called MagicalElement and they were about £1 each if that so naturally I got about 7 rolls because it was so cheap. Then the flowery tape and red arrow tape were from UnwrapColour and it arrived within two days. UnwrapColour was a UK seller and cost slightly more but arrived so much quicker than the others. 

Pemberly Prints Planner Stickers

Now this is a little section dedicated to Pemberly Prints who I made quite a large order from when they had a special 40% off sale. They do both functional stickers and also decorative ones. I love the coffee cups and also the vampires which can be used as period trackers!  The Lush inspired stickers are also cute and I’m using them to indicate pamper days. Pemberly Prints has so many stickers to choose from at a really affordable price, something like £1.70 a sheet. They’re all so perfect.

Planner Stickers

The final four sheets are all from different shops but I thought I would include them anyway. First from BitsofStationary are giraffe date stickers, I actually ordered two sheets of these as I love giraffes. They are my favourite animals, I almost ordered 12 sheets so I could use them for every month! The heart banners are from WhimsicalFlamingosCo and I’m going to use them as habit trackers most likely for how much I study… Some more date stickers are in the shape of flags from Lethbridge Cards and the colour scheme goes so nicely together, and they were only £1.50. Finally is this adorable sheet of giraffe stickers from PlannerStickies, again I got two because just look at them! I haven’t dared use them yet as they are just so cute.

Now I have started getting really obsessed I want to start making my own. I was hoping to open an Etsy shop late October but sadly a rather large spanner was put in the works. My proper laptop, rather than the really small but portable one I’m blogging on now, bit the dust unexpectedly. So the money I was going to input into stickers has had to go on a laptop which can deal with photo and video editing, so hopefully I will be able to open my shop in January. I’ll keep you up to date on progress but I have my fingers crossed!

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