LUSH Christmas 2016 Haul

I think we all have to give in and allow it to become Christmas as it’s just over a month away and everywhere is getting festive. Starbucks and Costa have their Christmas drinks and cups, all the sites now have Christmas tabs and obviously the LUSH Christmas products are out!

Lush Christmas 2016 Haul

 I’ll be honest, I had to restrain myself because I could have bought so much more. If I had the money I would have bought two of everything including the giftsets. I’ll make sure to say which products are new this year and which are exclusive to the LUSH Kitchen so you know where to buy them.

Lush Christmas 2016 Haul

You might be able to tell, but I love the scent of fresh apples so LUSH really have my tastes covered because they have a number of bits which sadly aren’t available all year round so I have to stock up. Now the So White Shower Gel you see is a LUSH Kitchen exclusive which I’m sure will pop up between now and Christmas again. Continuing with So White are the bath bombs which got a little leaf update this year, I picked up two and I’m hoping to grab many more in the boxing day sale as they smell so good and I can’t last a whole year without any! Also in the apple scent family is the Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly. If it hadn’t smelt of apples I probably wouldn’t have got it because I completely forgot just how much these seem to leak which isn’t great but it smells good.

Lush Christmas 2016 Haul

 Now taking a step away from apples to meet a very cute Butterbear. If you like the normal Butterball you’ll love this as it is the same but a different shape. I always think this would be perfect for getting children to love LUSH; it’s a cute teddy with amazing skin benefits. Now we’re on to two completely new this year products which is exciting! First is Snow Fairy Body Conditioner, if you’ve never used a LUSH body conditioner you should know that it’s basically the same as a hair conditioner. You apply it, leave it for a bit and rinse it off leaving you silky smooth legs that smell of Snow Fairy goodness, it’s got blue sparkle on the top too which makes it look magical. Finally is a new lip scrub: Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub *cheers and claps* I picked up the Santa lip scrub last year and didn’t get on with the scent or taste but this one is right up my street. I’m pretty sure it shares its scent with the Comforter which instantly makes it an amazing product in my eyes. It tastes really good, not that you should eat loads, but the scrub is just the right amount of scrubbiness as it gets away the dry skin and makes them nice and smooth.

If you’ve been hauling in LUSH don’t forget to link your posts so I can read them and see what you’re loving. I’m not sure if it’s bad but I’ve already planned my boxing day wishlist…oopsy.


  1. Caroline Malone
    November 16, 2016 / 11:25 am

    I love Butterbear, butterball is one of my favourite all year round products, but when it comes to christmas, you just have to get him in a bear form! I wasn't a massive fan of the scent of the Santa lip scrub last year either, I just have the mint julip but I'll take a look at the Sugar Plum fairy one!

    • MissCosmeticBlogger
      February 1, 2017 / 11:48 pm

      Definitely, bear form makes him almost 100x better really!xx

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