Trying New Lip Stains*

If you remember back to last month you would have seen a post including these two lip products which I thought I would go into a little more detail for you today!

 The two products I have are the Qi Best Long Lasting liquid lipstick* and Liphop Wine Lip Tint* both are long lasting and both are pretty good for the price.

I’m going to start with the Qi Best Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick* in the shade 603. Now from the arm swatch it looks a lot like a pinky nude however, in fact it is more of grey toned pink. Usually this wouldn’t be my colour but I think the grey works as we are nearing winter. Also being pale when I saw it drying with grey undertones I thought it might wash me out, but instead it looked quite nice. And even better is that it didn’t cling too badly to my dry patches which as always present themselves when I try to lip swatch.

Now its longevity which is the important part here. For a liquid lipstick that is applied in a thin layer it doesn’t crumble up and lasts a good couple of hours before it inevitably starts wearing from the centre of the lips. Obviously increased eating and drinking does affect the longevity.

It doesn’t smell the best and it’s really strong as well which isn’t a great combination. However, it isn’t too noticeable on the lips once it dries. The smell reminds me of something but I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly, it could be baby powder perhaps.

Finally the packaging for this wouldn’t catch my eye I’m afraid. It’s cheap and cheerful; very plasticy. The lid of mine broke so now I have a lovely random white bit that doesn’t twist well at all. The redeeming feature of the packaging is the slightly straighter than usual doe foot applicator.

Now onto the best packaging of a lip product I’ve probably ever seen: the Liphop Lip tint* is in the shape of a wine bottle. While I’m not a fan of wine I can appreciate the packaging completely, to me it actually smells quite alcoholic which sounds strange but it really does add something to the wine bottle look. The wine bottle houses an elongated doe foot to apply the stain.

The formula of this is very very liquidy, there is no hint of liquid lipstick here it is most definitely a stain. It’s quite a blood red colour which was perfect for Halloween. However, as it is quite so liquidy it is quite hard to get a very precise line with any kind of applicator.

As it’s a stain it lasts such a long time, probably about five hours but it does end up fading which is to be expected. Honestly as it’s difficult to get off and I hate scrubbing my lips as they’re really dry in winter.

Lip Swatches

 My favourite has to be the liquid lipstick; it’s such an unusual pink for me and something that takes me a few steps out of my comfort zone. Also both products are so so affordable so I definitely would give them a go if you fancy making an order!

Seeing stars? Any products which have a * by their name have been sent to me. See my full DISCLAIMER HERE…

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