Bargain Facemasks from Superdrug?

Seven days into the new year and already my skin is feeling down and when I say down I mean dry and dull. I decided to move away from my usual Origins facemasks in favour of a more budget friendly offering from Superdrug. I’ve tested out three of their masks so far and thought I’d let you know which ones I would recommend you try, and which I won’t be repurchasing.

facemasks from superdrug

 The Ultra Purifying Nose Pore Strips were pretty good for £1.29. Within the resealable pouch you get three individually packaged pore strips, they’re infused with charcoal which helps draw out the impurities. I find that usually when I’ve used pore strips in the past that they don’t remove many black heads so I’m always sceptical trying them. However, with these particular ones I wasn’t expecting great results as for such a low price I wasn’t really going to matter if they worked or not. Luckily I had a pleasant surprise when these drew out many more blackheads than the much hyped Biore pore strips which are around £7.99 a box for minimal results! These aren’t my favourite way of clearing the pores on my nose, that would be a liquid mask which literally clings to the impurities and pulls them out but these are definitely a good alternative. If you’re looking into trying pore strips go for these first: these are 45p each compared to Biore which make it seem like a luxury at £1.58 each.

I don’t have particularly oily skin, it’s only my nose that really ever gets oily which is a problem when I want my foundation to actually remain on my face. I thought that trying the Black Seaweed Peel Off mask might help solve my problem. I love facemasks but only ever do non peel off ones when I’m planning to have a shower straight after or I end up ruining many towels, so this was perfect. I decided I’d do the whole of my face as even though it’s not necessarily oily it still needed some rejuvenation. I find masks like these are also good at cleaning pores which is useful if you want a 2 in 1 quick fix. Another definite pro is that they are only 99p and are usually on buy one get one half price which is not to be sniffed at, ever.

Now the Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask is the only one which let me down, coincidentally they’re also more expensive than the packet masks at £1.29, but it’s still nice to see that more brands are embracing the sheet mask trend. Personally, when I use a facemask I like to be able to multitask, write up a blog post or watch TV but this mask is a lie back and fall asleep one. I think the material of the sheet mask is too thick which means if you want it to stay on you need gravity’s assistance, the feel of the mask is hydrating as you’d expect as it is dripping with product which is another reason you can’t multitask with it on. It’s good for sensitive skin as it’s gentle and unscented, or as close to unscented as you can get. I suppose if you’re looking for five minutes sleep sticking this on while you do won’t do any harm. (Unless you sleep on your front that is, you’ll be waking up with a soggy pillow if you do.)

The main question is would I repurchase, and the pore strips and seaweed mask are a definite yes because they made my skin feel renewed. The sheet mask on the other hand is a steer clear for me, unless they redesign it using thinner material as I am simply too impatient and busy to be able to lie back with a dripping wet tissue on my face.


  1. Rebecca Kilby
    January 15, 2017 / 6:01 pm

    The Biore ones always underwhelm me so I'll definitely have to give these a go. My nose is my problem area too – I have to use an eye primer on my nose to get foundation to stay all day! Rebecca xoxo |

    • MissCosmeticBlogger
      February 2, 2017 / 12:04 am

      Primer is a must, especially on my nose!xx

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