#BENEBrows: The Low Down

I love makeup, and I also love a freebie. Somehow I managed to marry the two when I went on a little post exam celebratory spend. Now I am well aware that I am now into my second month of university and I got my exam results at the end of August, but I’ve been a little busy and it’s also given me a chance to try everything out.

#benebrows Benefit Gimmie Brow, Brow Wow, Goof Proof 03

I love Benefit, but I’m not such a fan of the prices. I wanted to try all they had to offer in the brow department, and back then there was no Brow Wardrobe (which I wish I could justify buying now.) Instead I went into the mini’s section of the website and added three of them into basket.

First I had to get a Gimmie Brow, since then I have acquired quite a few of these both in regular and mini form, but at the time I thought I should get the cult favourite. The shade 03 is actually a good match for me even though my hair is naturally blonde. I think this is because the rule usually is that you go two shades darker with blonde brows and this does just that. When my brows have been tweezed, which I’m doing more and more now, this is the quickest way to do my brows on a day to day basis. Gimmie Brow gives me natural looking brows rather than the Instagram brow many love but for uni, it is perfect and as long as I remember to wipe the excess off: mess free.

Then something I wasn’t sure about but thought I would try being the BrowWow! Conditioning Primer. My brows aren’t the fullest, but they also aren’t particularly sparse either, they have their moments and patches but other than that I manage quite well. The conditioner says it’s nutrient rich and with help provide me with fuller looking brows which I’m not going to say no to. I don’t find I reach for this all too often though, simply because in my books the quicker I can do my brows the better. I think I will probably give this to my mum as she has very sparse brows and uses serums to try and help, I think this will have similar effects.

Talking of easy brows, Goof Proof is the one when it comes to that. I can’t explain the shape of it but all the angles are perfect for creating the perfectly arched brow. Personally I prefer to fill in any sparse areas with Goof Proof before going in with Gimmie Brow to give it natural texture, without the brow looks a little harsh and unnatural.

#benebrows Benefit Ready Set Brow, Precisely My Brow Pencil and Ka Brow

Now the freebie I mentioned at the beginning was a very good code; one that gave me a free brow duo if I spent £30 on brow products. The duo included Ready, Set Brow! and Precisely, My Brow Pencil.

Neither of these two are of much use to me unless I am doing Instaglam makeup including very bold brows; this is because Gimmie Brow works as a setting gel on it’s own, whereas Ready Set Brow! is good over the top of Goof Proof and Precisely, My Brow Pencil. What is good about the setting gel is that the wand has two side, one side long bristles and the other short, which allows you to create realistic brow texture. The Precisely, My Brow Pencil is for filling in your brows stroke by stroke. The thin pencil section really lets you get into the sparse areas and if you like definition, this is the product to use; although be warned it is time consuming.

I also got a cute little sample of Ka Brow with my order as Benefit offer you a choice of two samples with every order. Basically, I just went brow mad as you might be able to tell.

#benebrows Benefit Gimmie Brow, Precisely My Brow Pencil and Goof Proof Swatches

I’m really enjoying using these products, and the way I did it might not have been the most cost effective way but it did let me try the most products. I’ve worked out that my favourite products, and  the ones I’m most likely to repurchase full size, would have to be Gimmie Brow and Goof Proof. I am intrigued by the new Brow Powder and might give that a go, but for now I will save my bank account and continue to use these ones up.

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