Work With Me

MissCosmeticBlogger is a PR friendly blog. I’m so excited you might be wanting to work with me! You can see my previous work with PR samples here. I have worked with brands such as Pixi, Magnitone London, SensatioNail, Nickelodeon and many more. If you think you’d like to collaborate please drop me an email at and we can discuss options. For certain products I cannot guarantee posts straight away. For example, skincare usually needs to be incorporated into my routine for around a month before I am willing to write a post as it needs time to work. However, if you would prefer a first impressions those are also a possibility, and can be posted quicker. You can usually contact me and expect a reply the same day, though at times (due to uni deadlines) it can take slightly longer. It is also worth a mention that sending a pr sample does not assure a post, unless it has been agreed prior to sending.

I am also open to writing sponsored posts. I have created sponsored content on my own blog for TangleTeezer and also content for other sites for brands such as VisionDirect. Rates vary depending on what you are looking for, however there is always room for negotiation. Alongside the opportunity to sponsor a blog post, there is also the possibility of sponsoring tweets, Instagram posts, as well as Instagram stories.

The most up to date stats for MissCosmeticBlogger can be found at the bottom of the page, above my Instagram feed. However, below is a more comprehensive list of stats (these are updated at the start of each month):

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Total (over all platforms): 8,165